Design  puts ideas into practical reality. Sustainable design deals with relationships and settings. The design process integrates the component of time and space. We know that everything is interconnected and every change will change the whole system we live in. This change is a dynamic, cumulative and ongoing process, which responds to the development of society. It is a process which reacts to the space, the people, the architecture and the design we live in. And everybody is invited to be part of it.

Design  is expressed by materiality. Sustainable design is design for everyday life. It is design for use. The questions that design should address are: What can design do? and What is the existing context?

My hypothetical definition. Sustainability is a creative dynamic process involving the transformation of values, interaction and behaviour. We are all invited to participate in this global movement. Everybody responds to this challenge in a different way.

We are moving towards a new awareness of the interconnectedness of life and of the true value of our ecosystems. Culture is a vital part of this.

design:mikimartinek, aesthetics of change, 2015